Fresholic Promise

Buying meat from local vendors is quite an unpleasant experience because of the unpleasant smell, swarming flies and the unhygienic way of keeping and storing the meat. In these modern times, we often search for convenience. But most of us do not have access to high quality stores from where we can get the meat products of our choice. As a result, we settle compromising with the hygiene of our food and hence compromising with our health. To keep it simple, our promises include:

The Finest Animal Selection We make sure, that our partners select only the best quality goats and birds for butchering.

The Finest Buying Experience Most of you must have experienced buying from local butcher shops where they first weigh the meat and then clean it by removing certain non-eatable parts. You end up paying for what you get as well as for what the butchers throw away. We make sure, that you only pay for what you buy.

The Finest Eating Experience We make sure that you get freshly cut meat that is soft, delicious, tender and intense in flavour. We also make sure you get the premium and finest cuts of the meat, carefully carved by expert butchers to give you the finest eating experience.

The Finest Rewarding Experience We make sure that you get rewarded for every moment that you spend with us.